Coyote at the Big Time 123

The follow-up to Heyday’s bestselling, A is for Acorn, Coyote at the Big Time 123 takes young readers to a Native California with Coyote as their guide. Counting from one clapper stick up to ten stars twinkling above the gathering, Coyote explores indigenous cultural traditions, including songs, dances, hand games, art and, of course, delicious food. Lyn Risling’s beautiful illustrations depict the diversity of traditions that continue to thrive throughout the state. At once a fun introduction to numbers and a celebration of community, this lively counting book shows babies and toddlers how to take in the beautiful world around them.

Wilder Ranch State Park Cookbook

Cook and bake the Wilder Ranch way! If you’ve ever had a cookie or a brownie at Wilder Ranch Fourth of July or Harvest Festival, you know how delicious they are.  These historically-accurate recipes were meticulously researched by Wilder Ranch docents. 

Wilder Ranch Guide

The Complete Guide to Wilder Ranch State Park has everything a visitor needs to enjoy Wilder Ranch State Park’s 7000 acres.  All trails are covered for hiking, biking and horseback riding.  The book contains descriptions of the majority of the flora and fauna within the park, with over 53 plants and 34 mammals covered in detail photos for nearly every species. 

Both the history of the Wilder lands and its people are covered. Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the buildings of Wilder Ranch with every building on the property explained.  A completely revised map was created for the book and includes over 190 full color photos.  There’s even a section on surfing!

The book is great for everyone, from families who want to learn more about old west dairy farming to hikers who just want to enjoy this amazing park!

Whale of a Tale!

Whale of a Tale!

The Cat and Co. take to the high seas and introduce readers to almost 20 different species of aquatic mammals known as cetaceans–including whales, porpoises, and dolphins. Full color. AUTHOR: Bonnie Worth

The Anza Trail

This important book about the 240 men, women, and children who traveled to settle in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1700s has an important local connection: Juan Jose Castro, the son of one of the original Anza explorers, went on to build the Castro Adobe.

Also available at the Santa Cruz Mission ParkStore, at Castro Adobe Open House events.


Rancho San Andres Castro Adobe

Rancho San Andres Castro Adobe

Map – Wilder Ranch

Map – Wilder Ranch

This must have map provides more than just hiking/biking directions. It provides historical information as well as, information on flora and fauna, park recreational activities and special events.

The 1:24,000 map with shaded reliefs, shows not only Wilder Ranch State Park but includes some areas of neighboring Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, UCSC, Santa Cruz, and Bonny Doon.

Key Fact Sheet – the Santa Cruz Mission

Learn everything you need to know about the Santa Cruz Mission! Perfect for Fourth Grade Mission projects.

Each Fact Sheet Contains


• Official, popular and special names
• Patron Saint
• Key Dates – for ALL Important Events
• The Indian tribes whose joined
• Where the mission was founded, and how they got water
• What the mission really looked like in mission era
• Livestock and agricultural data
• Architectural Floor plan of church (when available)
• Prominent Players in mission history
• Intriguing, Often Lesser-Known Facts
• Major Historic events (illustrated)
• Notable art
• Contemporary photographs
• Related California history


The Mission Santa Cruz Mystery

The founding of Mission Santa Cruz more than 200 years ago changed the course of history for the region. Where was the first church built in 1791 and why was that location selected? This hands-on book by local author and academic Melanie J Mayer approaches the location of the first Santa Cruz Mission as a mystery, providing readers with seven clues to help them discover for themselves the reasoning and location for the original mission.

Drawing from explorers’ journal entries and maps, The Mission Santa Cruz Mystery: Seven Clues To Find the Site of The First Mission, takes readers on an interactive walking tour of historical downtown Santa Cruz to the most probable location for the original mission, before it was relocated to present-day Mission Hill, where one original adobe building still remains as Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park.

Read an excerpt of the Mission Santa Cruz Mystery here. 

Santa Cruz Wharf (Images of America)

The Santa Cruz Wharf has shone as one of the crown jewels of the Pacific Coast, and today it serves as a gateway to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. What began as a shipping pier quickly morphed into the home of the colorful and fabled Santa Cruz Italian fishing colony. In its most recent iteration, the wharf serves as the primary destination for upward of four million annual visitors to Santa Cruz County. Since the time of the California Gold Rush in the late 1840s, there have been six wharves, or wooden piers, along the Santa Cruz waterfront, providing critical links for the local community to regional and global markets. The Santa Cruz Wharf, and all the 4,528 wooden piles that compose it, provides both external and internal vistas not found anywhere on land and is a place for contemplation, reflection, and quietude.

Geoffrey Dunn is a fourth-generation member of the Cottardo Stagnaro fishing family and an award-winning journalist, historian, and filmmaker. He is the author of several books, including Santa Cruz Is in the Heart (volumes I and II) and Sports of Santa Cruz County, published by Arcadia in its Images of America series. The recipient of a Gail Rich Award for artistic contributions to Santa Cruz County and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce, Dunn was named both Artist of the Year and Historian of the Year in Santa Cruz County for 2015.