Silk Monarch Wing Earrings

These bright, beautiful earrings are made from silk, and they move and flutter like a real butterfly!

Wildlife Pin – Monarch Butterfly

Every year, these delicate butterflies undertake a multi-generational migration that brings thousands of Monarchs to the eucalyptus grove at Natural Bridges State Beach. They stay there to survive the winter, drinking nectar and enjoying the relatively balmy temperatures of the California coast, before moving back inland during the early spring.

This beautiful enamel pin measures 1.25″ wide.

Honeybee Earring Set

This lovely set features three pairs of stud earrings: honeycomb, a flower, and an adorable tiny bee. Match them or mix them up for a pro-pollinator fashion statement.

Mushroom Earring Set

This colorful set of fungi earrings will go with any outfit! Each set comes with three pairs of earrings: yellow, red, and gold. Mix and match for extra fun.

Made from Gold Tone Metal & Enamel

Chrysalis Necklace

A delicate enamel Chrysalis pendant that captures the magic of metamorphosis.

Wildlife Pin – Rufous Hummingbird

These tiny, jewel-like birds can be spotted in the Santa Cruz area early in the spring, when the males start courting females for the breeding season. This colorful enamel lapel pin measures 1.25″ wide.

Monarch Wing and Heart Earrings

Show your love for Monarch Butterflies with these elegant wing and heart earrings. Made by local artist Liz Reid in Santa Cruz, CA!

Morel Lapel Pin

Add a touch of the rainy season to your lapel, jacket, or hiking cap.

Amanita Lapel Pin

Add a touch of the rainy season to your lapel, jacket, or hiking cap.

California Bear Earrings

These California bear earrings evoke the California flag and the California State Parks logo and make a great fashion statement.

Made by Santa Cruz artist Liz Reid! Support local artists and your favorite State Parks with a single purchase.