The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds

Learning to draw birds can do wonders for your ID skills! The combination of close observation and sharp drawing/sketching skills can help your brain hone in on the small details that separate species. Don’t think your art skills are up to snuff? No worries! Anyone can learn to draw, and this staff favorite is a perfect starting place.

From publisher Heyday:

John Muir Laws’s guide to drawing birds is itself winged, soaring between a devotion not only to art but also to the lives, forms, and postures of the birds themselves. Here, artistic technique and the exquisite details of natural history intertwine, and drawing becomes the vehicle for seeing. As Laws writes, “To draw feathers, you must understand how feathers grow, overlap, and insert into the body. To create the body, you must have an understanding of the bird’s skeletal structure. To pose this skeleton, you must be able to perceive the energy, intention, and life of the bird.”

This how-to guide will perfect the technique of serious artists but also, perhaps more importantly, it will provide guidance for those who insist they can’t draw.  Leading the mind and hand through a series of detailed exercises, Laws delivers what he promises: that “drawing birds opens you to the beauty of the world.”

The Laws Sketchbook for Nature Journaling

Designed by John Muir Laws himself with nature journaling in mind, this sketchbook makes it easy to get your art out into the parks. This newly updated 7×9″ hardcover blank journal features a sewn, lay-flat binding, 64 pages of white paper, a 16-page section of tan toned paper, and an updated 16-page section of creative ideas, nature journaling prompts, and reference material. 

Tidepool Watercolor Pencils

24 artist- quality watercolor pencils packed in a beautifully illustrated box. Add water to achieve brilliant results! These pencils are perfect for any outdoor art adventure.

Toy Binoculars

Bring birds, butterflies, treetops, and bugs in close on your next nature walk! These toy binoculars are great for curious kids: they have a real magnification of 4x30mm, but they’re durable (and much less expensive than the grown-up versions!). Ages 6 and up.

Seacliff Mini Candle

Bring the seaside into your home with this charming Seacliff mini candle! This fresh, summery scent will perk up any space. Beautifully packaged and compact, and made by a local artist!

Each mini candle will burn for approximately 10 hours, depending on use.

Redwood Tree Tea Towel

At first glance it might look like a simple tree, but look closer! This lovely, intricate Redwood Tree design is composed of dozens of native California wildlife silhouettes.

This 100% cotton flour sack tea towel is soft and absorbent, and screenprinted in California. Dimensions are approximately 30″x30″.

Secret Walks and Staircases in Santa Cruz

This book is a treasure trove for locals and visitors alike! Written by a long-time Santa Cruz resident who is passionate about walking and hiking, it includes 44 detailed maps and clear step-by-step route descriptions that are easy to follow, as well as more than 130 photographs of secret spots, plants and animals likely to be seen by the walker. All walks are rated by distance and elevation gain and range from one to more than six miles in length.

Laminated Guide to Northern California Tidepools

Bring this lightweight, waterproof guide covers the intertidal plants and animals found from the Oregon to Central California coast. Bring it along on your next tidepooling adventure, and see what you can identify!

Mini Natural Bridges Candle

Bring home the scent of the Eucalyptus grove and the beach with this lovely Natural Bridges mini candle! Beautifully packaged and created by a local artist.

Each mini candle will burn for approximately 10 hours, depending on use.

Mini Nisene Marks Candle

If you can’t get enough of the forest, bring the forest into your home with this cute Nisene Marks mini candle! This sweet, woodsy scent will transport you to your favorite trail. Hand-crafted by a local artist and beautifully packaged.

Each mini candle will burn for approximately 10 hours, depending on use.