Old Fashioned Toys – Cross-Stitch Sampler Kit

Mini Cross-Stitch Sampler Kit

Small, easy-to-stitch version of a sampler.  Frame it for a handmade piece of art. Or, sew a simple back on it, then stuff it for a cute pillow. Includes 6-inch x 6-inch, 11-count Aida cloth, tapestry needle, embroidery floss, color graph, history and instructions. 


Old Fashioned Toys – Old Fashioned Toys – First Tatting Kit

My First Tatting Kit

Learn to make lace edgings the old-fashioned way with a tatting shuttle. This package also includes a skein of Size 5 pearl cotton, history, and illustrated instructions. Take this kit with you on your next trip! While this craft may not be as easy as crocheting or knitting, it is definitely worth the practice to be able to make beautiful lace.

Old Fashioned Toys – Marbles in Pouch

Marbles (with suede pouch)

Marbles are often collected for nostalgia and their aesthetic colors.


Learn to play three games with insturctions included.

Set includes:

a half-cup of glass marbles

two large shooters

a drawstring suede pouch to carry your set

a brief history


Old Fashioned Toys – Cup & Ball Toss

Natural Cup and Ball Toss Toy 

Flip the ball into the cup.  Compete with friends and family to see how many times you can do it on the first try.

Measures 6 inches in overall length, is made from hardwood, and has a braided nylon cord.