Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks backs California State Propositions 68 and 69, both on the June 5 ballot. Thanks for helping pass these measures!!

Friends supports Prop 68 because it invests $1.3 billion dollars in our local and state parks to ensure every child in California has safe and accessible places to play and to protect California’s special places for the next generation. It allocates funds to construct and rehabilitate parks in communities across California, improve and repair our State Parks, and expand access to parks, waterways and natural areas. Prop 68 also creates new recreational opportunities for people in underserved urban and rural communities.

Friends supports Prop 69 because it protects state funds being matched by Measure D (Santa Cruz County’s voter-approved half-cent sales tax) for transportation improvement projects such as transit and bike and pedestrian safety. Prop 69 also protects a small portion of the new fuel tax, which supports State Parks boating, off-highway recreation and related programs.