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Find your park here! T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, coffee mugs, magnets, lapel pins, posters, patches, and stickers...all featuring the iconic That's My Park images by the artist Michael Schwab.
Limited edition, numbered and signed That's My Park prints by Michael Schwab.
Support your local State Parks AND local artists with one purchase!

From the tops of the towering redwood trees to the banana slugs on ground, the Forest of Nisene Marks is full of magic. Find merchandise that celebrates biodiversity and history of this locally beloved park, as well as a selection of items featuring the iconic Nisene Marks image by the artist Michael Schwab.

Apparel, books, educational toys and more that celebrate the beach, Great White Sharks, fossils, ocean creatures, and everything we love about Seacliff.

Monarch butterflies, tidepools, Great Horned Owls and an abundance of birds...Natural Bridges State Beach features an astonishing variety of life! Find a huge selection of merchandise that celebrates all that makes Natural Bridges special, as well as apparel and more featuring the iconic Natural Bridges image by the artist Michael Schwab.

From the sweeping vistas of the Long Meadow trail to the shores of Four Mile Beach to the historic Victorian farm buildings, Wilder Ranch State Park is full of places to explore. Find a wide selection of merchandise that celebrates the natural and cultural history of the park, as well apparel and more featuring the iconic Wilder Ranch image by the artist Michael Schwab.

The Castro Adobe State Historic Park is one of California's newest State Parks, and the two-story Castro Adobe is one of the finest examples of a rancho hacienda in the Monterey Bay area. Find books about this fascinating piece of local history and merchandise celebrating the rich natural history of the area, as well as a selection of apparel and other items featuring Michael Schwab's beautiful Castro Adobe image.

The Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park is the site of the oldest building in Santa Cruz, and is a gathering place for people to learn about the complicated and important history of the California Missions. Find books about the Mission system and local Santa Cruz history, as well as merchandise featuring Michael Schwab's iconic Santa Cruz Mission image.


We love Monarch Butterflies! Read about their fascinating life cycle and migratory patterns, grab a field guide to identify Monarchs and other butterflies in your community, and find an assortment of apparel, hats, and more to celebrate these beautiful pollinators.
A collection celebrating the diversity of fungi and slime mold in our State Parks! Please remember that collecting is prohibited in State Parks, but fungi photography  is absolutely encouraged!
A collection of field guides, apparel, household goods, pins, stickers, and more that celebrates the incredible diversity of avian life found in Santa Cruz area State Parks.
Never leave your house without a layer! It can get chilly in our State Parks and Beaches. Stay cozy in a sweatshirt.
All of our favorite swag celebrating New Brighton State Beach!
Keep the sun out of your eyes and the wind out of your hair with a baseball cap, trucker hat, or cozy beanie.
Stunning enamel lapel pins featuring some of our favorite local wildlife. Collect them all!
These annual day-use passes are your golden ticket to your favorite State Parks!
For your reusable water bottle, laptop, bike helmet, car...or wherever you want a little bit of State Park magic.
Locally-printed reproductions of Michael Schwab's That's My Park images, and more!
A few of our favorite guides to the birds, trees, plants, and animals among us.
Treasures that remind you of your favorite State Parks
Nature Journaling is a fun, educational practice that can deepen your relationship with the natural world. You can go anywhere with your nature journal: sketch, observe, and write in parks and beaches or your own garden or yard. The point is to pay attention and capture what you see.
Educational toys, nature-themed apparel, and more for the little rangers in your life.
A curated collection of science and nature-themed gifts for everyone on your list!
Games and Toys that celebrate animals, ecosystems, and STEM concepts.

Field guides, kids books, local histories, essay collections, novels, and other titles that will expand your knowledge of the great outdoors.

Books for students, kids, and adults that explore the complex history of the California Mission system.
T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, coffee mugs, magnets, lapel pins, posters, patches, and stickers...all featuring the iconic  Santa Cruz Mission and Castro Adobe images by the artist Michael Schwab.
Notecards featuring local flora and fauna, as well as the iconic artwork of Michael Schwab.
Because no one likes boring socks.
Discover the fascinating history of your favorite Santa Cruz haunts.
Shirts and other apparel that celebrate your favorite local State Parks and Beaches.
Kitchen towels and aprons, coffee mugs, avocado trinket dishes, and other items that bring a little bit of State Parks into your home.
Magnets, patches, pins, and more from your favorite State Parks.

Make your garden a haven for humans and pollinators alike with this collection of seeds, books, and decorations.

Don't get lost! These highly-detailed topographical maps will keep you on the right trail.
Merch that will help you live a thoughtful, sustainable lifestyle.