The Kitayama Brothers Farms Gerbera Festival celebrated another successful Gerbera-N-Go event this year! The flower sale fundraiser sold out again!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Gerbera-N-Go Festival! We hope to see you again next year! 

Learn how to care for your Gerbera daisies.

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All proceeds from the Gerbera Festival benefit Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks.

This is the 12th year Kitayama Brothers Farms will celebrate the Gerbera Festival. The event began in 2010 as part of the Monterey Bay Greenhouse Growers Open House, a daylong event that featured guided tours of five Monterey Bay greenhouses. The event was not held in 2020 due to the pandemic. 

Gerbera daisies are bright, colorful flowers with large blooms and strong stems. Kitayama Brothers Farms cultivates nearly 20 varieties in shades of red, pink, orange, yellow and white, with centers that are green, cream or dark brown.