Scientific Silly Putty – Thermochromic Glux

This amazing GLUX Putty  is thermochromic.  Depending on its temperature it changes from orange to bright yellow.  The human body gives off a lot of heat, and when you touch this Glux, it reacts to your body’s heat by changing from orange to yellow. You can create two-color designs, draw pictures on your Glux, or just turn the whole thing yellow, all with one hand! 

Plus it stretches like rubber, bounces like a ball, and tears like paper.  You can also peel the comics from the newspaper and need it.

Glux is made in the USA from nontoxic silicone and never dries out

Scientific Silly Putty – Glow-in-the-dark Glux

Glow edition of Glux is striking stark white putty that glows for hours in the dark after exposure to bright light

Stretches like rubber, bounces like a ball & tears like paper

Glux is non-toxic and safe; keep clean by storing in 2″ container (included)

Made in the USA

For ages 6 years old and up

Scientific Silly Putty – Magnetic Glux

Magnetic GLUX putty with attractive properties!

Infused with millions of magnetic particles. Includes a very powerful magnet to charge and demonstrate this putty’s unique powers. Charge putty with a magnet to enhance its magnetic properties and observe as it slowly creeps around and practically swallows the metal bead that comes with the putty.

For Ages 14+

Made in the USA.