Bird Call

To use, just hold the wood part in one hand and the brass part in the other. Twist the two parts together similar to the way you would turn a key in a lock. The squeaking sound produced attracts the curiosity and attention of many different species of birds.

An included small tube of powdered rosin helps keep the bird call dry when not in use.

Made of real brass and wood, this quality call is built to last for years of bird-viewing fun.




Nature Study – Glow in the Dark Moon & Stars

Create your own night sky with the Glow-in-the-Dark Moon & Stars! This set includes a crescent moon (measures 11.5″ in diameter), 12 variously sized stars, and adhesive tape. Place them on your wall or ceiling!  Expose to light a light source and then turn off the lights.  


Perfect for ages 3 and up


Nature Study – Glow in the Dark Mini Stars

60 Glow-In-The-Dark Mini Stars! This old-school product brings the night sky indoors. Stick them to your walls or ceiling and turn out the lights!




Self-adhesive. Each star measures 3/4″.




Perfect for ages 3 and up.