Last seismic work completed at Castro Adobe

Admin | July 13, 2018 |

The exterior stainless steel cable has been installed around the center of the adobe building, concluding the seismic work at the site. The cable connects to the interior floor joists by way of a bracket and eye bolt. The cable is then threaded through the eye bolt and is anchored into the wall.

Plaster contractor Chris Ingram Lath & Plaster, use lime plaster to fill in the void and metal mesh is then installed. Eventually the wall will be whitewashed to conceal the cable install area. With the install of the cable, all of the seismic work is officially done at the Castro Adobe!


The crew carefully works on installing the cable and filling in the void.

Mesh is installed over the cable.

Mesh installed on the west side of the building.

Cable infill is complete.